Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vegfest-Ottawa Edition

Never fails. Vegfest=Costumes galore! He let me touch his teets.

You are seeing this right, 6 months later I'm back! Though you probably know by now not to get used to it. I've broken my unintentional vow of silence to bring you an epic vegan road trip (my favorite type)-Ottawa Vegfest. I *love* fests of any sort, but a vegfest is special. It almost guarantees baked goods I actually get to eat, t-shirts with catchy slogans, people dressed up like vegetables, animal cuteness and the opportunity to bleed money for a concentrated period of time! This year was my first in Ottawa, and though it was precisely 1/10 the size of Toronto's, I still got to leave with a sugar hangover and a happy heart.
Chocolate PB cupcake. This is what heaven tastes like!
Now I hate to list this as a highlight of my life, but I finally FINALLY had a vegan brownie that was a 10. Since I haven't had a good one in so long, it's deliciousness made for an almost embarrassing scene. You'll notice there is no picture-I couldn't stop stuffing it in my face long enough to create photographic evidence. Other highlights included sammiches that tastes like delicious pickled eggplant and tempanade (fancy olive spread) and free stickers that said cute shit like "Club sodas, not seals".
We take pictures of sandwiches because we're that cool.

 *Squeeeeeee* I also found my "Eat like you give a damn" slogan twin! That doesn't just happen every day people.
This is actually a ploy to get strangers to touch me.
Also, I found a zombie! And my shirt has a zombie! Yeah, that's photo gold right there.

So I'm going to do better at blogging on the regular, particularly working on my laziness in posting recipes! What kinds of yum would you like to see in the future??

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