Thursday, May 17, 2012

My spectacular healthy life fail

So confession time. I'm currently both a hypocrite and quiter.:( I started smoking. Ugggg. Since I've been 16 smoking has been a hobby, a friend, an outlet and a smoking hot lover. I've been able to stay away from my bad news ex for a full 7 years now, but recently life has been pretty heavy and my resolved slipped. I decided to give them one last chance to redeem themselves. Every single time I've fallen off the wagon, it's gone exactly like this:

Week 1: Drinks with friends. Friends are smoking. That looks great, I just want one puff. Yeah, that's gross.
Week 3: Drinks with friends. Friends are smoking. That looks great, I'll just have a puff off of every one they smoke. Yeah, that's gross but kind of awesome.
Week 4: Sober with friends. Freinds are smoking. That looks great, I'll just have my own so they don't have to share. This is awesome, I can *totally* handle being a casual smoker.
Week 4 day 2: Still sober, still with friends. I'll just have this one now, another in an hour and then one for the road. I am SO good at not smoking full time.
Week 4 day 3: I wasn't with smoking friends before, but now that I got in my car and drove across town I am. I've brought either money or barter type items to ease my guilt of taking 5 for the road.
Week 5 day 1: F*ck it, I'm buying a pack.
Suited up for yoga. Healthy living fail. This is my shame face. Or something.
Since it's been so long since I've been a smoker and I've been mooching off friends up until this point, when I finally gave in and bought a pack I didn't even know what to ask for. "What kind do you want?""A good one." And then sticker shock $12.83?!?! Cool, it looks like I'm not eating this week. So here I am, bearing my shame for your pleasure. The real reason actually is because I want you to know that the road to health is up and down, often filled with challenges and your own demons. Plus no one is perfect, so be gentle on yourself. So-here is my imperfection for all to see. I'm going to quit *really* soon (monday I promise), smoking does about as much for veganism as donuts do for a diet. "You should eat vegan for your health" while hauling on a cigarette doesn't exactly make me a winning advocate. Now that you know my smokey little secret, what is the challenge that stands in your way of the health you deserve?

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