Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Not Bombs=Flavour Explosion

This blog is going to be a little bit risque because FNB is a *little* bit illegal. Mmm....illicit activity!It's mostly because we generally cook in non professional kitchens and give out food in crazy places like parks. For free. I know, ballsy.
We break bread together! Please note, knee was for photo op only. We tend to use knives for this kind of thing generally.
Food not Bombs started 30 years ago as a means to protest environmental degradation, homelessness, hunger, waste and to incite social change. Different groups around the world run things in different ways but are often the first responders during disasters and such. The other thing that's awesome about FNB is the food is vegetarian/vegan!
Look at me ma, I cooked somethin!
 I first sought out this group because Isa told me I should in "Vegan with a vengeance". Since I have little ability to think for myself and I wanted to improve my cooking skills like she said it would, I found a group running in  my area. Plus people doing anything to say "f*ck the man" makes me feel excited to the max!!!!!<-Five exclamation points clearly shows you *MAX*. How the Kingston chapter runs is that we collect food that would otherwise go to waste then collectively prepare and eat together.
This food would have been garbage!
 People take turns being the leader and running a team of fearless volunteers (though sometimes team means you + me). It's awesome! Lots of people join us to share in the free food and spectacular company :D If you'd like to help cook or just come eat, leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you on where all the top secret excitement happens!
When making food and not bombs, there are sometimes still casualties of war. Farewell garlic bread, you would have been delicious.

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