Monday, May 21, 2012

Foodie adventures in Brockville take 2

Getting out of town! Stay cool Kingston.
There's nothing like the thrill of the open road to get your blood pumping, hey? What kind of adventure awaits this time? Some people travel to all kinds of exciting destinations on their long weekends, but not me-I go to Brockville (or Brockvegas as it's sometimes called ha!) Anyone who's been to Brockville is aware that this ain't no vegan utopia. It's rural Ontario at it's finest/most stereotypical. Mandy and Rob's house is, however like my very own vegan food laboratory. They are always ready to cook with a freakishly well stocked fridge. Any fruit or vegetable you could want and they've got it! I've been told this is solely for my cooking purposes-they sure know how to make a girl feel loved. They even get treats just for me like dark chocolate almond milk and alcohol (lots). For the long weekend we had lofty plans for fun, frolic and food. Let's start with food! I need three things to cook a great meal: A cute apron, good music and a drink in my hand. Check check and see below. Double check. Who says vegans say goodbye to delicious boozy fun? We had exactly that with strawberries and creme daiquiris out of crystal glasses. It made me feel both classy and sloppy at the same time, which doesn't tend to happen very often.
To make your own "As healthy as alcohol gets Daiquiris", combine 3/4 cup of cashews covered with water and blended  with 3 1/2 shots of Rum in a blender. Then add strawberries, raspberries, pineapple (or whatever fruit you like), 10 dates, 2 tbs agave syrup, 2 Tbs Salba and lots of ice. Blend and try to drink slowly enough that you actually taste it-so AWESOME.
Since I've been told that my fajitas are the bomb, that's what we choose for dinner. Pictured here is our tasty supper, which I was *thisclose* to messing up with overzealous seasoning. Note to self: drinks after dinner. On the plus side, the more you drink the better things taste!

So our fajitas consisted of spinach tortillas, daiya cheese, mesquite portobellos in white wine, Mexican spiced veggies, salsa, avocado, cashew sour creme and of course hot sauce. You know it's good when you're practically wearing dinner as a mask and don't care. Mmmm. Speaking of masks, here I am indulging in my fifth favorite hobby, mustaches. 
My son says this picture "isn't funny, it's too weird". Whatever,
like it's the first time I've heard that one.
For dessert, summer means raw! Hoo-ey do I love me some raw sweets! Since their fruit selection was way more bountiful than mine ever is, I went crazy with our raw pie filling and had banana, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, mango and peach. Yes! The top was made with dates, cashews, a pinch of salt and some agave in a food processor. I'm not going to write out a recipe both because I'm too lazy and because you essentially just mix those things until it tastes nice and has the consistency you desire. Tada!
The leftovers didn't make it until daylight. Just so you know, it tastes amazing with vegan vanilla ice cream.
Not like I'd know from having six servings or anything.
Rob and Mandy even have a fire pit! For roasting stuff and warmth! I love the country!

Fire pit excitement! Veggie dogs abound.
After a couple hours of staring at the fire, we started thinking up ways to get into trouble. We were going to go toilet papering, but realized it wouldn't be an environmentally friendly prank and therefore would bring shame to my blog. We settled for letting our designated driver take us into town to see what kind of fun we could find. Turns out the answer is "not much". We spent a good amount of time trying get a picture under this airplane so it looked like an overhead attack.
Overhead attack simulation=Fail.
Then we found some cool graffiti in the park-this is what rebellion looks like in Brockville. Someone said this picture makes us look like hookers. I disagree.
Losers maybe.
So after an embarrassingly early bed time, we woke up ready for round two! This time it was breakfast nachos! This may be pretty much the best idea ever. We mixed our fajita leftovers with ground round, coconut oil and salsa. We then piled it on top of nacho chips, topped with daiya cheese and broiled to melty deliciousness. To serve-more avocado and pickled jalapenos. We paired it with Mexican spiced potatoes with onions and strawberries with sweet cashew creme. Perfect!
I get to eat this! Squeeeee!
I left Brockville yet again with a happy heart and wishing I was wearing stretchy pants.
In conclusion, life is what you make it! Go near or go far but just go.....

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