Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is what a hot mess looks like....

I'm pretty sure I just made my first submission to Cakewrecks. I had lofty dreams of triumphantly presenting a cake worthy of applause. Turns out it only looks easy on pintrest. As it so happens, it's also impossible to do practically anything when you're solo parenting two children. Not only is my first attempt at a birthday cake insanely ugly, but *everyone* in my house cried at some point during it's creation.
This can only end well.
No, you can't have a giant spoonful of red icing an hour before bedtime. No, you can't eat coconut oil right out of the container. No, you can't stand beside me jumping up and down and smashing my arms while I try to pipe on letters. FAIL! Ugg, even thinking about making this cake enough to write about it pisses me off. It's baseball theme made me want to find a teeny tiny baseball bat to beat my head in with.
I think it looks like a uterus, in the grass. Being overtaken by aliens.

It ended up tasting nice, so if you'd like to know to make vegan cake you can check out the recipe here.
Save us the embarrassment of being on this fugly cake!
 Happy Birthday *grumble grumble*.

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