Thursday, May 3, 2012

How I'm messing up my children today.

Today is Mini's third birthday! Another day, another opportunity to mess up my kids by being a weirdo. Preparations for her birthday went as follows:

-Make avocado chocolate frosting for birthday cake
-Make hummus in the Vitamix
-Wrap birthday presents in discarded packaging paper (also known as trash to other people LOL!)
Last year I told everyone to skip gifts and instead give her something from around the that house they no longer used. At least I didn't do that, but for the record it turned into a huge success. Because I promised more things you could actually make, here's the recipe (ish) for avocado chocolate frosting which would also be a bad ass pudding.

Avocado chocolate frosting
-Two very ripe avocados
-1 tbs or more cocoa powder
-a handful of dates
-a few tbs of water. More or less to get the consistancy you desire
-1 tbs of coconut oil (This will make it set firm once you refrigerate, I didn't have any today and it was just fine)
 Combine all ingredients in a vitamix. If you don't have a vitamix, blend for three hours :D. I know this sounds weird, but is really delicious and you'd never guess it's got a vegetable base. At least I didn't top it with breastmilk ice cream.

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