Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things Hippies like: Protesting shit

Sometimes I can write funny, sometimes I can write foodie, sometimes I can write without swears and *sometimes* I can write serious. Today is that last one. Whomp whomp. Hippies like to protest a lot of things and today these hippies were getting serious about the circus.
Protesting barefoot no less. Stone cold hippie.
Circuses that use animals suck y'all. The bottom line is that wild animals don't want to do tricks and are forced to do so in heinous ways. If you'd like to know more, you can check it out here. Or google it so you can look at all the sad pictures of baby elephants. Please do me a solid and never go to one that uses animals ok? So when things are going down that shouldn't be, it's time to pick up a sign and get your ass picoting.
Getting my ass picoted.
Somebody should do something and you can be somebody! So we drove out of town and held up signs like it was our job. And then we got distracted.
Lets reenact famous album covers. But with signs!

And then there was this huge cow on the top of an adjacent building. We though a little bit of vegan pranking was in order immediately. It turns out break and enter is illegal, so we settled for more ridiculous photo taking opportunities.

I hope this post has made you realize what a serious issue this is, and question why you don't go to more protests :) So go ahead-get mad about something and then go do something about it!

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