Sunday, November 6, 2011

Most epic vegan dessert of 2011!!

That doesn't build it up much right?!I decided for my party this evening, it was going to be only the best for my guests. Therefore, I served this Triple Chocolate Mousse cake touted as the best vegan dessert of the year. I always get nervous serving an untested recipe at a party, but this just shows that you shouldn't be afraid to take risks. This cake was like a party in my mouth and my pants at the same time. I know that will be more confusing to some of you more than others. Regardless, this cake was a hit with (sadly) not one lick of leftovers. So make it if you want to impress somebody! And just because I like you, here are the rest of the "year's best" recipes.

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  1. I looove Katie's recipes, but have yet to try that one! It looks so good, though, and it's nice to hear a review on it!

    Also, totally loving the picture of the cat :D haha