Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoe Down: Part 2

Our next chapter begins with more rain and a vegan cocktail party! In a huge tent! After a delightful afternoon making new animal friends, it was time to get ready for free wine, sunset yoga and hoe down fun! Katherine and I went back to the tent city that you see below to get dolled up like hoe.....downers ;)

 In the tent was a local band heavy on the fiddle. I was in looooove! Available to sample were new vegan products like Queso and Dr.Cow nut cheese. Oh yeah, and free wine!

This evening turned into my first experience doing yoga with a buzz, a popcorn stand, line dancing with a caller and amazing new friends!

The next morning it was sunrise yoga! I got up an hour earlier than I needed to because of no watch *d'oh*. My mistake allowed me however, to see the farm wake up. To revel in the stillness and beauty around me. Later that morning we got to sit through some of the most amazing speakers I've ever heard. At this point, the clouds opened up and it started to POUR. It was no big deal, it wasn't like we had to dissemble a tent and drive back to Canada or anything :/. So we ditched early to take down our monstrosity of a camp set up, but lost the battle when it collapsed on us. So lame. Before we left this amazing place, we got one last unforgettable meal! First is was pulled BBQ with pitas, olives, bean salad and mmmm....fresh tomatoes and basil. We were all crammed into the people barn to escape the rain, which is also were they have all of their visual displays. This shot is of my delicious lunch, which does not include the sad animal in front of me. Pigs are awesome y'all!

Just when I couldn't eat another bite, a line up starts to form beside me. This line was chock full of some EXCITED people. I had to see what was up...VEGAN ICE CREAM BAR. O.M.G. So here I was in line, hoping from one foot to another with anticipation. Did I want coconut vanilla, cookie dough or chocolate? Rice mallow fluff (which btw tastes exactly like the original), crushed cookies, granola, sprinkles, vegan chocolate and caramel sauces? The answer was yes. To everything! Farm Sanctuary really practiced what they preached here. All of their plates, cups and silverware were compostable!

So finally, with one gigantic mouthful of ice cream heaven, we bid adieu Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down.

Even writing about this trip months afterwards, I feel waves of gratitude that I was able to be part of this amazing event at this spectacular place. Until we meet again....  


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  1. Soooo jealous! Lucky girl!

    Annnnyways, I nominated your blog for the Leibster award, check it out the rules for passing it along on my blog!