Saturday, April 23, 2011

The People Project

Two posts in one day! I swear, the world is not coming to an end. My friend Shannon told me how addicting watching the stats on your blog are. She couldn't be more right. Essentially it tells you how people are finding their way to your blog (turns out I have a large Latvian audience! Sveiki visiem maniem latviešu auditoriju! Paldies par apstāšanās ar, un parādot man jūsu mīlestība! Pazemīgus, lai aplūkotu vegāns ziņu izplatību tālu un plaši. Daudz mīlestības! Thanks Google Translate :) Anyways, it's how I found out that Isa Chandra gave this blog a shout out on twitter (squeeee) and how I learned I'm face number two on the People Project. How awesome! Essentially it's purpose is to show the many faces of veganism (which by the way are both normal and very attractive haaa). It's really really cool-if you're vegan, go check it out and add your bad ass self and story! And if you're not, it's great for people watching!

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