Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter! Vegan creme eggs holla!

Veganizing things makes me feel powerful. Like a cooking ninja if you will, sneaking in under the cover of darkness to make delicious treats previously off limits to junk food junkies like myself. Omni-tastic Christina used to eat copious amounts of creme eggs right around this time of year, almost guaranteeing an extra 5 lbs of flab going into bathing suit season. Everything is explained now that I have seen the ingredients that go into them.
Now let's make no bones (haaa punny) about it-these are horrible for you. Yet they taste amazing and they instantly transform you away from that weird vegan in the corner eating the only side dish without bacon.
Since it was my first attempt at making candy, they weren't a total home run. I would have been more effective with multiple candy trays, as I was doing them one at a time hours apart (which was hard to keep the chocolate from solidifying). Also, I overfilled the chocolate molds not wanting to
waste the filling. But otherwise-smashing success. Really easy so give it a try! Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Awesome!! Those look delicious, Christina!! Do I actually want to attempt this tonight??? Hmmm....

  2. You really do :) You'll be the easter hero !