Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stuff Virgos like....

We virgos are a proud people. Organized, rational, driven. There are few things that virgos like more than order. Or planning. Or alphabetizing things. So when given the chance to cut loose, this virgo loves to plan a dinner party. A themed dinner party in fact. Ideally once monthly, some of my bestest friends come together at rotating homes for potluck madness. And by madness I mean thoughtfully planned out, organized fun. This month was my turn, and I chose Mexican. San Antonio imparted me with a deep love of southwestern cuisine (though adapted to not hurt animals or my cholesterol). The kiddos were around for a bit, and went to bed surprisingly easy considering the full house. (Thanks to the hubby for taking the bullet on that!) Pictured is mini with her favorite person Shawn and cupcake face.There was handmade guac and chips, mexican rice, and cuban rum from Jules and Shawn. Amy and Racheal took charge of drinks and we had a million gallons of margaritas-as you can probably figure out from the mustaches drawn on with permanent marker.

My contribution was my(Anna's) famous tortilla soup, which won high marks from the judges. Also featured was kale, potato and pumpkin seed enchiladas from Veganomicon, with roasted garlic cilantro sour cream. Yum, I could eat this every day.

I also made cupcakes (though I can't remember now what type-probably pumpkin chocolate chip with cinnamon icing. I'm kind of a one trick pony-I love those things!). It was another amazing night with this crew, leaving me bursting with happiness at my luck for great friends and great food. Oh, and mustaches and monocles.

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  1. Lol. Y'all got tipsy, dincha?

    That garlic cilantro bit looks creamy yum. Is it from Veganomicon, too, or did you just whip it up?