Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another epic fail for my collection

With no further introduction,  here's how I messed up this time. I inherited a bunch of containers from a friend when her mother in law moved into a retirement home. Many of them had free dry goods in them-woot! So I lovingly emptied my ugly bulk bags into these shiny canisters and stacked them into the pantry of my dreams. Fast forward to this particular evening when my dinner guest Courtney and I decided to make chocolate crinkle cookies for dessert. Before tonight, these crinkle cookies have pretty much been my ace in the hole. While we were making them, it was taking an alarmingly long time for them to thicken. We just kept adding more and more flour with no change. So we called it and started rolling them in sugar. But first the taste test. TEETH PAIN! That was no flour, it was icing sugar! *Facepalm* They were so sweet you could get a cavity from looking at them in a mirror. We tried to bake them anyways as I hate wasting efforts/food. To try to save them, we put large globs of organic peanut butter in the middle. Turns out that didn't save them, it just wasted more food.
Cookies that look like nipples and tastes like regret.
In the end, all we got was cards and dinner which turns out isn't that bad a deal.
If you'd like to give these usually delicious, but one time epic fail cookies a go, here is the recipe. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Vegan Cookies Take Over the World. Check out this girl's apron. Must. Have.

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