Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shit hippies like: D.I.Y. Haircuts

My hair is currently one of my most prized possessions. I get to wear on my head a reminder that out of one of the worst things that ever happened, came one of the best things that ever happened. So it went down like this. The day after this picture was taken,
I kiss my sweet slumbering son awake only to be two inches from the biggest infestation of lice the world has ever known. On my pillow. In my bed. After we had just spent two hours cuddling head to head.*Insert a word so bad I won't even post it*. So I call the Dr. It isn't something they treat. I call a hairdresser. Like hell will they come within 20 feet of my house. This calls for the mother of all D.I.Y jobs. We all had glorious long hair, and since I'm a hippie and won't put chemical death on myself or my family-we were going to have to do this the long way. This meant torturous hours of wearing a cap of vegan mayo on a hot day, tea tree oil shampoo and the agonizing process of painstaking combing that would go on for weeks. Cut that shit off! So thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I got a basic tutorial on how to cut off the long hair that I've had all my life. And went from this

to this.

And they went from this,

to this.....
And this...
I realize this isn't a shining example of awesome. It was almost physically painful getting near hair with so much lice, so it was a hack job. I've since improved.
Booya, I just saved $130! So it turns out I'm actually awesome at cutting hair! 90% of the time I like it more than any hairdresser has ever done and I get exactly what I want! Plus I can change it whenever I like. Though the back is often a group effort(there've been a few hot messes to date), as I can't see what the hell I'm doing. Hippies like saving money. Hippies like doing things themselves. Hippies love a chance to say "screw you man, I'm going off the grid". So that's what I've done with my hair. I get compliments on it all the time, even from hairdressers. Yeah, I did that shit myself!

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  1. oh man... Lice SUCKS!!!

    But your hair is totally awesome!