Monday, July 2, 2012

More adventures feeding Omnivores

Tonight my dinner guest was my fabulous German friend, Sunny. I met her at the gym I work at and loved that she's always wearing yellow! Matching your clothes to your name=winning. Sunny is a music therapist and was in charge of the tunes while I supplied the culinary magic. Sometimes Germans have amazing taste (hello electronic music) and sometimes questionable taste (David Hasselhoff anyone?). This was displayed beautifully by the Macarena and Chicken Dance sandwiched in between other amazing music that didn't make your ears bleed :D. Germans also have a reputation for a serious love afair with meat, so I was a bit nervous about the response to vegan food. For our culinary delight, we had Chickpea and Spinich curry from Vegan with a vengance.
I realize this doesn't look that awesome. Lighting was poor and curry is hard to make look pretty.
 For the second round, I made avocado chocolate mousse on fresh local strawberries.
Here's a little secret-if you dessert looks like turds, shredded coconut hides a multitude of sins.
I picked these bitches myself (in a mini skirt no less) so was extra proud of them! Dessert and dinner were enthusiastically recieved! Woo hoo. Winning over German Omnivores-check mark!
Sunny may never talk to me again. We laughed at this picture for two hours and I promised not to post it on the internet. I lied.

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