Friday, May 20, 2011

Your hippie-tastic tip for the day!

I came upon this tip on Alicia Silverstone's blog, and I think it's pretty freakin genius. Green=Check. Free=Check. Money saving=Check. So do it y'all!

"All you have to do is save a 20 oz. water bottle, remove any plastic or paper from the outside of it and then fill it partially with sand, dirt, pebbles or gravel (if you can’t find any of those materials around your house, just fill the bottle partially with water!). Make sure to seal the bottle tightly before placing it in your toilet tank. Then carefully lower the bottle into the tank and put the lid of the toilet back on. Pretty easy, right? HERE is a New York Times article about reducing water in your home. According to this article "A sealed half-gallon water container installed in the tank will save a half gallon of water per flush...a family of five that flushes five times a day each -- the national average -- will save 350 gallons of water each month." That's a lot of water!"

And while you're greening up your bathroom, start buying recycled toilet paper already! You're wiping your ass with it and then flushing it down the toilet. Lets not kill any more trees that we have too.


  1. That's a very helpful tip..thanks for sharing! I am following your blog via GFC now!

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  2. Hey - it's Shelley - Laurelle's Bestest Neighbor Friend!!!! :) heehee I didn't know you had a blog until Maryse told me yesterday! YAY! ME TOO! lol
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