Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want to marry this sandwich.

*sigh* I love Field Roast. In my opinion, the very best analog (and soy free) products out there. Analog simply refers to a product that resembles meat in texture and flavor. I often get asked why a vegetarian or vegan would want to eat something that pretends to be meat. First, not all of us do. Second, because meat tastes good-duh. I don't know many veggies who stopped eating meat because of flavor. This product is nice because it has a short ingredient list (all of which are real food) and amazing flavor and texture.
Unfortunately, I can no longer get Field Roast products at a store anywhere near me. We will be reunited again soon. When that day comes, I will be making this Vietnamese sandwich while crying tears of happiness. Image: Field Roast
In the mean time if you could just make this for yourself, and tell me about it detail by painful detail-that would be awesome.


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  2. I am trying to learn how to create home-made Field Roast. I, too, am in love. I am secretly married to Field Roast Apple and Sage Sausages. I know that I must be able to make them at home, because Field Roast makes them. I have faith. When I figure out the recipe, I'll share it with you and we'll have Vietnamese Sandwiches and Apple and Sage Sausages together!