Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Electronics and lunch

I hate to put it out there, but I am an electronics murderer. Let me time line for you what has happened to all electronic purchases over $250 that I have made since 2006.

Summer 2006- New laptop. Met it's end 1.5 years later after repeated toddler assaults. Floor to cord connection injury. Fatal.
Fall 2007-Fabo Canon camera. Smashed. Lens stuck on open. (though for the record, after spending two years as a child's toy it was spontaneously fixed by another blow to the floor)
Winter 2007-Stationary computer terminal. Fatal virus. No longer connects to internet.
Christmas 2007-New more expensive Canon. Lost at a birthday party 6 months later.
Spring 2008-New Toshiba laptop. Same floor to cable connector injury as predecessor. Occasionally works with screen completely flat, balanced on a book and looked at through a magic mirror.
Christmas 2008-Olympus smash proof, waterproof camera. Still with us! I'm dying for a fancier camera that takes better close ups with nicer features-but am worried about investing for obvious reasons.
Summer 2009-New Laptop (again). Two days in an entire glass of red wine was poured on the keyboard. Still works (ish). Also dropped numerous times and sometimes will hold a charge.

So, the suck part of this (ignoring how much all of that junk costs and wastes) is that all my data and photos are on random computers that don't have the corresponding editing softwear or have the wrong XYZ. I've got food porn EVERYWHERE, but can't access it off my camera, my computer, edit it properly, etc. So today I had a break through and now have TONS of stuff to write about-woot! So get ready for posting overload, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So without further ado, here is a little afternoon delight! This is Astroboy's Goodbyn lunch fun. He is one picky dude, so I'm trying to up my game.

On the menu today from top to bottom:
Chickpea salad sandwiches. (No dolphins were harmed in the making of this sandwich :) Made with chickpeas, vegan mayo, relish, some dijon mustard. Blend in a food processor. Sandwich shapers are the best invention ever!
Bear graham crackers-Bulk Barn holla!
"Chocolate" milk-Every day they have chocolate milk at his school. Not on my watch! I make my own with molasses for iron, a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and rice milk. He loves it-who knew!
Alphabet cereal
Pear-He's been obsessed lately with " The Fantastic Mr. Fox". A character in that movie invents some apples that have stars all over them, and every time he watches it he cries for apples with stars. I didn't have apples, but I was rather proud of my fabulous starred pear.


  1. Does he like his Goodbyn? Alex doesn't. He says it's too hard to get closed well and then it leaks everywhere. I don't know if it's really hard or if we have a defective one :/

    I'll have to try the chickpea salad on the kids' sandwiches. Noah probably won't eat it but maybe Alex will. Nicely done!

  2. How do you keep the bread from tearing when you cut your sandwich into shapes? I've tried doing that for Vonn's lunch with cookie cutters, and the sandwiches come out looking like a wolf got them!

  3. @ Sassy- Not totally. Same problem-kiddos have a hard time with snapping it. I try not to put anything too juicy in there without being contained in something else.

    @Franny-Once I press it down, I flip it over and run my fingers on the edges of the cutter so that it goes all the way through. Also, the next blog will be a shout out to you-so watch for it :)

  4. That starred pear is a great idea!! I'm going to try out your "chocolate milk" recipe. Mmm.