Monday, January 10, 2011

Weddings *siiiiiigh*

When I met Bean, I was but a high senior with no idea who I was or what I stood for. We dated for five years before becoming engaged-then eloped to Thailand while he was deployed and we were on vacation. It was wild, and like all the craziest things you've ever done-makes a great story. Our dinner reception featured fish head curry, and the entire ceremony was in a language we didn't understand. After the reception, the entire wedding party goes up to your room with you, and your elders "show you what to do" if you get my drift. By drift, I don't mean a live sex show-but horrifying all the same. They then wait to see you start the fun (kiss etc.) before they leave. I couldn't even make this stuff up! Our room shared a door with a room full of drunken Asian business men (and my limited Thai didn't serve me well in rural Thailand trying to explain the situation), so our wedding night consisted of episodes of dubbed McGyver and getting drunk. Since our Thai wedding wasn't legally binding, we had a second wedding on Vancouver Island where my grandfather married us beside the ocean. It was lovely and non traditional, and so us.Despite going the non traditional route, I was and still am obsessed with weddings. I adore wedding dresses and to this day cause near accidents each time I the window of the bridal salon. Is it the crinoline? The sparkles? The opportunity for everyone you know to be in one place to eat/drink/dance/celebrate(which happen to be my favorite things in all the world)? I'm not sure. Most likely, it's the societal ideal that's impressed upon us since the dawn of Disney princesses. Not even kidding, there are already plans in place for April 29th at 6 am when Prince William gets married. Royal Wedding!!! Double sigh!
So you can imagine my excitement when wedding season rolls around, and I get to revel in some vegan weddings...Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal! Nothing in the world gets me more excited than extravagant vegan food, eco friendly wedding decor and cake! Woot! Check out some wedding porn here! And for the love of God, if you have a vegan wedding-invite ME!

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  1. Weddings, yay! My sister is planning on getting married this summer! Its fun to offer her my sisterly advice! She called me the other day and wanted to hear everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about weddings, marriage, honeymoon, etc. It was a crazy fun and long conversation!