Friday, November 5, 2010


Holidays are without a doubt one of the most challenging times to be vegan. Loved ones comfortable enough with you to say whatever they're thinking, practicing your "grin and bear it" face, and everyone sitting around the table to celebrate around a dead body. You can expect to hear such classic quips as "what about killing the vegetables? You don't think they feel pain", "I'd rather die than give up X", "I tried being a vegetarian, and it didn't work", "I love meat", "what other purpose do they have", and "mmmm, xyzzzzzzzzzzzzz". I feel like it's a disservice to people trying out this lifestyle to claim that it's always a piece of cake. Saying "no" to your grandma's famous X, or sister in law's delicious y can be sucky. But even suckier would be ignoring your moral and ethical feelings just to appease others. Over time, loved ones will(hopefully) accept your choices, learn how to veganize foods with a little guidance, and maybe even like some of it themselves. So this brings me to "Thanksliving" at our house. Not bound by tradition and the same old, I can try out fancy recipes each year to my heart's content. This year's comes courtesy of (a great source for just about everything) and the Vegan Dad blog. Check out the recipe here!

As you can see, mine turned out almost identical to the fancy photo-which means it's pretty easy to do. It was paired with a really decadent sweet potato casserole topped with walnuts/brown sugar/veg butter topping, additional stuffing because that's my favorite part and pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream frosting for dessert. Yum, I wish every day was Thanksliving!

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  1. Mmmm! This looks so yummy, my food never looks this pretty! So fancy looks like it could have been served in a restaurant!