Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Revolution is coming!

I had really planned to write my next blog about food, since I'm starting to get a backlog of food porn begging to be published. I've also promised quite a few people that I would get to resources, recipes and such *right away*. Hold please. Big dreams of the food blogging variety will have to wait until another day in favor of a different type of big dream. Jamie Oliver's.

It was recently brought to my attention thanks to, that this was one show I needed to make time for. I've admittedly not watched much tv lately due to factors like a tyrannical three year old and his lack of sharing skills, business commitments and life in general. Thankfully, you can catch it on your computer whenever you are free. The first thing that really strikes you about this show is how freakishly lovable Jamie Oliver is. He's English, so he says all sorts of endearing things like "bloody hell, indeed and slagging off." That alone lends itself to a program I would enjoy. But really my favorite part of this show is Jamie Oliver's impossibly large dream, his belief in his purpose and his unwavering and absolute conviction. You see, Jamie has chosen to start the next phase of his "Food Revolution" in Huntington, West Virginia. Most unhealthy place in the universe based on death and disease rates. We learn about what they eat...and the results are shocking. Deep fried chocolate donuts for breakfast? Sure! Nuggets and fries for lunch each and every day? You betcha! Frozen pizza for dinner and maybe breakfast? Awesome! In a weeks worth of food, there was not one fresh fruit or vegetable to be found. For real. Since recent research has shown that our brain can respond to junk food in the same way it responds to heroine, these habits don't change without a fight. And let me tell you, there is a FIGHT. The amount of ignorance and hostility Jamie faces in changing food habits is incredible. Most seem oblivious to the fact that he's one of the most influential chefs in the world, though you would never hear "do you know who I AM?" come from him. One of the most appealing things about Jamie is that he is every person. He has lofty goals, but is so vulnerable and relate-able that you can't help but root for him. His message is simple-healthy, fresh foods and the importance of breaking bread with the people you love. Who can argue with that?
Give it a go, and watch it here

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